Are you a musician or band member?

Oh goody, just who I needed to talk to!

We’re looking for unique music for our Manic Pixie Mixtape.

We want to hear music that either elicits a certain mood — think the opening credits of your favorite romantic indie movie — or covers certain subject matter — femininity, fiction, frappe mochas, just general manic pixie shit. Selected songs will be used as pre-show music for the live show, or possibly even during the show itself. There’s one section that requires improvising to a song selected by the technician, but unknown to the performer — that’s what we need here.

Mina sings a song.

Sure, this is cute and all, but how about a little variety?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any money to offer upfront (sad trombone), and as I’m sure you’re well aware, clever songwriting is not an accepted currency in most places (even sadder trombone).

BUT the plan is to offer the complete Manic Pixie Mixtape for sale once it’s compiled — with 100 percent of the profits split between the artists. You’ll also get a mention in the show’s program, plus give audiences in other markets an earful of the good stuff (music, not cotton candy, or whatever else you were thinking).

Have question about what we’re looking for? Use our contact page. Or, check out the Spotify playlist that was used as a temporary soundtrack to get an idea of what inspired me.

No questions? Got the perfect track? Send us a link below and we’ll be in touch!


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Or, contact us for more info!